Ehret (Yar-Sale) He paused and asked for our comments.
McClenny (Rivera) But when it came to having cock that was Linda all over.
Poitevint (Wewelsfleth) God I did love this girl.
Chernich (Needville) If you can assure us of our safety and that things will not get out of hand then all I can say is..
McElhone (Jaegerspris) However his next words informed me that I would have to wait awhile before I would have the pleasure of his men.
Millman (La Morra) He wanted to wait until nightfall as many of them were out in the desert and would not return until then.
Durning (Nanteuil-le-Haudouin) Meanwhile he suggested we get a few hours sleep as we were facing a very long night.
Erlandson (Adelsheim) The Bedouin smiled and backed graciously out of the tent leaving Linda and I alone together.
Skomo (Hollfeld) There was a large container that held the water and a soak away area beneath it.
Tamburrelli (Brielle) There were small gold tables that held bottles of perfumes and dresses hanging up around the tent walls.
Iacono (Hermes) However there were no panties on offer.
Clarence (Limington) I, in turn, chose a similar design only in virgin white.
Fruin (Braddock) During our absence the pillows had been rearranged into two huge beds, side by side, with more pillows at the head.
Borr (San Giovanni Valdarno) The air was sweet with the scent of perfume and fresh wine glasses were offered to us as we entered.
Waldo (Quezon) He had done it, of course, to help loosen our minds and heighten our sex drives.
Malfatti (Lathrop) Soon our heads were light and sexy thoughts were pouring into our minds.
Kramp (Serbanesti) That was three weeks ago and he missed her terribly.
Kristiansen (Irwin) She was the heart and soul of his life.
Colville (Entebbe) He missed her cheerful bustling around the apartment.
Tomerlin (Naranjito) He missed the flash of her eyes.
Tumlin (Charkhi Dadri) He missed her full strong laughter in the face of all life's problems.
Martir (Egmating) He missed her body.
Nolasco (Des Allemands) How he missed her body.
Hirte (Saint-Junien) Her rich brown skin.
Whetsell (Katiola) Her deep brown hair.
Afan (Reggiolo) The earthy swing of her bottom.
Laberpool (Il-Furjana) He loved her so much.
Valvo (Flint City) Seeing her was food for his soul.
Lipper (Oxchuc) She was the only woman who brought the whole of life into focus for him.
Moscato (Cachon) He picked up his violin from its stand not far from the open window.
Harter (Puan) He was a very accomplished musician.
Blanchet (Cherry Valley) In his mind he'd been working on a composition for his Maria and he longed to play it for her.
Gresh (Mutuali) He began to play it now.
Donegan (Caronno Varesino) He felt the deep power of his longing enter his fingers and he played as he'd never played before.
Seagle (Air Keruh) And all those who heard his song of desire were deeply moved.
Walser (Le Port-Marly) Her four cats were sprinkled around the bedspread.
Stofer (Novobelokatay) Moments after the strains of Juan's music entered her consciousness trembling tears began to slide down her face.
Munnis (Kutzenhausen) They looked across the room at each other.
Verga (Vimpeli) He was the last of the four to become aware of the powerful music.
Field (Winslow) When he did he went into the dark kitchen to open the window in order to hear better.
Spieker (Lelekovice) It filled him with a mix of strong emotions.
Pagliaro (Spur) At this point Juan wasn't playing the parts in sequence.
Hayenga (Holcomb) There were several that he felt needed work and he focused on them to see if he could find the perfect melodic phrasing.
Follin (Meaudre) A wild exhilaration began to grow inside him as he felt a rush of creative power he'd never experienced before.
Hong (Nebelschutz) Her four companions were looking at her in alarm.
Dague (Bilisht) She pushed back the blankets and the bedspread, swung her legs out, and stood.
Oberly (Calangianus) She felt all stirred up.
Swierk (Hayesville) She didn't know why she was crying.
Claborn (Jumla) Her body was flooded with all the signs of sexual arousal for no reason she could find.
Nobriga (West Longview) She wondered if she was going crazy.

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